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OVDA Forms: Our online forms program is only a $100 one time setup fee, plus $6 per month.

Please call the office at 503-399-9199.

Why do I need a Forms Program

Standard industry forms are critical for dealers. Things change in the industry and dealers who do their own forms are not known for keeping abreast of all the new requirements and ideas.

Our online forms program saves time and money by filling forms from saved vehicle information and printing on plain white paper. Instead of buying and shipping forms to your office, you simply print them at your office. Most forms for vehicle dealers are pre-installed on our program.
Vehicles saved on our database are accessible and exportable into excel files for data retrieval. Never worry about losing your customer or vehicle data.

Forms filled with customer information can be exported as a pdf, saved on your office computer and printed out later.

Advantages to our Form Program

Accessibility: Our online forms program allows you to easily maintain a stock of vehicles on the program which is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

Affordable: With a $100  first time setup fee $6 online fee per month you’ll save a lot on your form printing

Branding: Have your logo appear on the top of each form. This can be a color logo also. This can make you look very professional.

Accuracy: A lot of people have bad handwriting, and vehicle documents are not a good place for poor penmanship that creates errors. The Forms program ensures not only accuracy but makes you look professional.

The best consignment agreement in the state deals with issues no one else wants to deal with.

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